Swift Blackjack Game Rules

Gambling Rules

The Blackjack Switch, the goal is to get a total, approaching 21 for each of your hands, superior to the hand of the banker without exceeding 21. The value of each card is the same as standard Blackjack – The ace is either 1 or 11, the figure cards are worth 10, and the rest of the cards are worth the number they carry.

The rules of this game are similar to the standard blackjack rules ( Present HERE ).

The difference is that you have 2 hands, which you each play in turn – First the hand is on the right, then the left hand; then the dealer (the bank) plays his hand.

You have the choice between different options: Divide, double your stake, buy insurance etc. … as in a game of normal blackjack. However, several rules differ from standard blackjack: the bank will always take an additional card if it totals 17 with an ace counting for 11 points (17 soft). In addition, “blackjacks” are paid 1 for 1 instead of 3 for 2, because of the higher probability of getting a blackjack through the switch option.

Switch (transfer / swap)
Before being served a new card, you have the option to transfer (switch) the top card with both hands, between them.

Push 22 (Equality to 22)

There will be a tie on a total of 22 (except for the Blackjacks who still wins). This means that if the total obtained by the banker is equal to 22, then all the bets will be considered as being in a tie case, regardless of the value of the hands of the players, except for the case where the player would have a blackjack and will therefore be a winner.

Super Match
The small circle located between the usual areas of betting is the betting area of ??the super party. This super bet will win if on the 4 cards that are initially distributed to you, 2 or more go together. For example, if your right hand is a six and a lady, and your left hand is a lady and a king, then you have a pair and you would win your super bet. The reports of your winnings are marked on the table.

Banker draws a card on 17 soft
Blackjack win report 1/1
Transfer of the top card between the two hands
All doubles can be split
Automatic equality if the banker has 22 (except blackjack which remains winner)

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