Rules slot machine game

Gambling Rules

To play, just slide a coin into the slot and click on “spin” or on the ball at the end of the gamepad to start your game.
Select the value of the chips to bet by positioning yourself on the amount required (typically $ 0.25 to $ 3).
You can put several coins in the slot, click on “bet one” to increase your bet of one token, one will be played by default if you do nothing (from 3 to 5 coins maximum according to the casinos).

If you click on the “Bet Max” button, you can bet the three coins automatically (or more depending on the casinos).
If you want to recover your chips that have not yet been played (or recover all your winnings) click on the “Cash Out” button. To find out how much you can win, refer to the winnings table of the online casino where you play.

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