Rules Poker Game Three

Gambling Rules

The Poker Three contains 2 games in 1. You can bet on either one or both games at once.

Pair and Better:
In this simple game, you place a bet, receive a hand, and are paid according to your hand. There is neither overbidding nor cancellation possible.
To play :

· Press a token of the desired value to select it. Then, move the cursor to the center of the screen above the “Match Pair and Better” box and press it. Each click on this area adds a token to the bet. Choose another token if you want to increase the bet of another amount. Click Right Click on the area to remove a token.

· Press the “distribute” button

· You receive your hand and your winnings, if there are any. Press ”
new game” to start a new game and then ”
save” to place the same bet as in the previous game.

Here is the table of earnings for Pair or better:

Pair 1 for 1
Flush 4 for 1 Flush
6 for 1
Three of a Kind 30 for 1
Flush 40 for 1
Ante and Play:
This is the second game, slightly more complex. To play:

· First and foremost, place an Ante bet. This amounts to placing a bet in the same way as a bet “pair or better” except that you place your bet on the “ante” field and no longer “Match Pair or better”.

· Tap “distribute”.

· After watching your hand, you must decide whether you choose to fold (flat) (and lose your bet Ante) or Call (which automatically places an additional bet equal to your starting bet and shows the banker’s cards) . Press either the “Package” button or the “Call” button. If you go to bed, you will also lose your bet Pair or better, if you have made one. However, if you bet pair or better, you should not do it.

· If you decide to call, your hand is compared to the banker’s. The banker needs a lady or better to qualify. The possibilities of outputs are as follows:

The banker does not qualify: Ante reports 1 for 1, the bet
is returned.

The banker qualifies and the player beats the banker: Ante and the starting bet pays 1 to 1 each.

The banker qualifies and beats the player: Ante and the starting bet are both lost

The Banker qualifies and equalizes the player: Ante and the starting bet are returned.

· In addition, the Ante bet has an additional bonus that does not depend on the hand of the banker:

Straight 1 for 1
Flash 4 for 1
Straight Flush 5 for 1
· Press “new game” to start a new game, then “put away” to place the same bet as in the previous game.

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