Online gambling in USA can boost the economy

Gambling Rules


Online gambling in USA has caught on like mad frenzy with gambling aficionados. Some of the popular games that are played online include Online Poker in the form of Texas Hold’ Em, Seven Card Stud, Razz, Online Sports Betting and Online Bingo. Payment is usually done by wire transfer or through check. Many people have made millions and handsome amount of money through online gambling in USA.

Much as the games gained popularity, they also invited the ire of the US government which passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). The basis of the law was to put a restriction to the rise in online gambling addictions. However, if one really scrutinizes the effect of gambling in USA, one can take heart enough to say that there is no major increase in online gambling addiction.

Online gambling has been there for about 10 years or so and nowhere there has been concrete information about addiction due to gambling. The most popular reason for UIGEA to be enforced is because since online gambling casinos are not based in the US, they are not regulated, not monitored and not taxed as are land based casinos. The US govt loses more than $650 million in taxes annually which is why there is pressure to stop online gambling legally.

Since online gambling in USA is a hobby and a harmless activity based on luck and skill, the US govt should legalize online gambling and revoke the UIGEA. If you legalize online gambling in USA, the land based casinos will be in a position to take over online gambling portals that are doing well. Legalized online gambling portals will throw open the doors to billions in the US economy. Regulated online portals and casinos can also solve many of the financial problems in the US and also keep the gambling activity safe and secure.

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